Pangu jailbreak for iOS 8 – iOS 8.1 released
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[Image: Pangu-ios-8.png]

The Pangu team has released a jailbreak for iOS 8 – iOS 8.1 devices today, just about 35 days after the launch of Apple’s latest mobile operating system. The download link for Pangu for iOS 8 was briefly available on the official Pangu website before being pulled a few minutes later.

Although this is great news for jailbreakers, it does come with a few strings attached that make this initial iOS 8 jailbreak release somewhat useless for the time being.

Pangu iOS 8 – iOS 8.1 does not install Cydia yet
The first thing to note is that this jailbreak will not install Cydia at this time. Only providing basic SSH access, it appears that this initial release of Pangu is mostly geared towards developers so they can update their tweak for iOS 8. Of course, it is also necessary that Saurik updates Cydia for iOS 8 in order to make it compatible with the newly updated operating system, which explains why Cydia is not bundled into Pangu for iOS 8 right off the bat.

In short, although you could technically jailbreak your device, it wouldn’t do any good to the majority of users as Cydia wouldn’t be packaged with the jailbreak.

The good news is that Saurik is currently working on updating Cydia for the iOS 8 – 8.1 Pangu jailbreak, as announced on reddit recently, although he didn’t provide any ETA. Saurik explains:

So, windknown has contacted me, about a half hour ago, via e-mail. He has told me one of the issues that is keeping Substrate from working on the device, which will probably require me to build a little binary patch for dyld as part of the Substrate installation sequence. This was the worst possible day for me, as I’m traveling back to Santa Barbara today (I’m currently in Texas, having come here to give a talk at The Big Android BBQ), which means this will take me a little longer than I’d like, but clearly getting Cydia and Substrate working on iOS 8 is my highest priority. I thankfully think that I actually can start working a little on one of the Substrate issues using an iOS 7 “model” based on the information provided by windknown, which means I’ll lose less time to not having all of my devices with me. (I currently have no clue why Cydia itself is not functioning, but will find out later today when I can see it myself.)

A broken Windows only version (so far)
This release of Pangu iOS 8 – iOS 8.1 is for Windows only, but it appears that the Pangu team removed the download link, likely to fix issues linked to this initial release. The website still provides information about the jailbreak process, which might be useful to anyone looking to jailbreak their device once a stable version is available.

At this time, we were not able to successfully jailbreak any iOS device with this first release of Pangu. We actually have yet to see reports of a successful jailbreak instal. We will of course provide updates as a new version is released.

It is fair to assume that a Mac version will also be available at a later time.

Device compatibility
According to Pangu’s website, Pangu for iOS 8 – iOS 8.1 is compatible with the following devices:

iPod touch 5G
iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus
iPad mini, iPad mini 2, iPad mini 3, iPad, iPad Air, iPad Air 2 (we’re not entirely sure about the iPad compatibility here)
Preparing for the iOS 8 – iOS 8.1 jailbreak
Maybe the first thing anyone should do before playing around with this version of Pangu is to backup their device.

As noted on the official Pangu website, it is recommended to update to iOS 8.1 or restore to iOS 8.1 via iTunes before proceeding with the jailbreak process. Over The Air updates can apparently cause problems during the process, and restoring/updating to iOS 8.1 via iTunes seems to be the best option at this time.

The Pangu Team also suggests turning off Lock screen passcode and Find My iPhone via Settings > iCloud before proceeding. Finally, the team notes that similarly to the official iOS 8 update, users are required to have some storage space left on their device in order for Pangu to run.

These are basic rules shared by the Pangu Team that are unlikely to change, even when a more stable version packaged with Cydia is available a little later.

Jailbreak instructions
We are currently looking at Pangu for iOS 8 – iOS 8.1 and will provide a set of instructions in a separate post when done. But again, note that these instructions will be limited by the current nature of this jailbreak. As we always do, we’ll provide updated instructions as Pangu is updated.

As we noted above, we’re currently unable to get Pangu to work with any iOS 8 device we tested. Like most people, we’re getting a Touch ID error.

iDB’s recommendation
At this time, we highly suggest you stay away from this jailbreak until further notice. As noted above, this release is mostly for developers and for Saurik himself to update Cydia for iOS 8. Even if you were able to jailbreak now, you wouldn’t be able to do much with your device at this time, unless you’re a developer.

Although the only download link for Pangu that was available has been pulled, there are still a few mirrors floating around the web. We don’t believe it’s a good idea for most users to use one of these links at the time, for all the reasons mentioned above. If you do, please proceed at your own risks.

What you can do now is get ready for an upcoming version of Pangu by updating or restoring to iOS 8.1 using iTunes (not OTA). This will ensure that you’re fully ready when a stable version of Pangu is released.

Update: Pangu v1.0.1 with bug fixes is now available. Download Pangu for iOS 8 from our downloads section.

(via idb)

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  'AdThief' Chinese Malware Infects Over 75,000 Jailbroken iOS devices
Posted by: 3e+ - 08-21-2014 05:57 AM - No Replies

[Image: ios-malware-iphone-hacking.png]

If you have jailbroken your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch and have downloaded pirated tweaks from pirated repositories, then you may be infected by “AdThief” malware, a Chinese malware that is now installed on more than 75,000 iPhone devices.
According to a recent research paper published on Virus Bulletin by the Security Researcher Axelle Apvrille, the malware, also known as "spad," was first discovered by security researcher Claud Xiao in March this year.
Till now, AdThief aka Spad malware has hijacked an estimated 22 million advertisements and stealing revenue from developers on the iOS jailbreak community, Axelle Apvrille says.
The malware allegedly infects iOS jailbroken devices by disguising itself as Cydia Substrate extension, presents only on jailbroken Apple devices, when a malware infected Cydia package is downloaded and installed by the unsuspecting user.
Once installed, the malware modifies certain advertisements displayed on your iOS devices in an effort to redirect all the revenues to malware developer. In short, if you download or install a free ad-supported iOS app from the App Store, all of the cash generated by that app goes to the cyber criminal behind AdThief rather than the app’s developer.
"In other words, each time you view or click an ad on an infected device, the corresponding revenue goes to the attacker, and not to the developer or the legitimate affiliate," Apvrille said. "[AdThief] hooks various advertisement functions and modifies the developer ID (promotion ID) to match that of the attacker."
Adthief has targeted advertisements from 15 popular mobile advertising networks, including Google’s AdMob and Mobile Ads, AdWhirl, MdotM, and MobClick, four of which were based in the US, two in India and the remainder in China.
The security researcher was able to identify the targets because the hacker mistakenly forgot to remove identifying information from the code. Further investigation allowed Apvrille to identify the coder who ran a blog providing details of various Android hacks, a Github and inactive Twitter account. Researcher located a Chinese vxer Rover 12421 who admitted writing the AdThief code but denied propagating it.
According to the researcher, the number of infected devices by the malware is small if compared to the figure of iOS devices in use, attackers likely generated significant revenue with an estimated 22 million advertisements hijacked.
The most important thing about this particular hack is that there is no way to find out if your device is infected by AdThief malware, because it runs in the background and is almost impossible to detect. Users of unmodified iOS devices need not to worry as they are safe from this malware infection.
Users of jailbroken Apple iOS devices are recommended to avoid downloads from untrusted repositories. Always be careful about adding new sources, and also be suspicious of those sources that promise pirated downloads of paid apps or tweaks.

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  Download iOS 7.1 Final IPSW For iPhone And iPad
Posted by: someoneunknown - 03-11-2014 07:18 PM - No Replies

The final version of iOS 7.1 download links have just been released by Apple for those on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. As well as bringing support for the Cupertino company’s recently-unveiled CarPlay feature, iOS 7.1 brings a host of smaller enhancements, as well as the usual supply of bug fixes and general performance enhancements. Full details and download information, as well as the full change log, can be found after the break.

It has been reckoned by numerous, notably-reliable sources that iOS 7.1 will be making its grand entrance around the middle of March, and if anything, today’s release has hit the scene a little earlier than we’d projected. After five pre-GM beta builds, which gave us frequent insight into CarPlay before Apple finally officially showcased it at the recent Geneva Motor Show, iOS 7.1 is now ready for prime time, and if you’re in ownership of an iOS 7-ready device, then you can get involved with the very latest build of Apple’s mobile firmware.

[center][Image: iOS-71-final-header.png][/center]

As expected, there are no hidden surprises packed into iOS 7, but rather a refined version of the previous beta released to developers towards the end of February,. Still, with some aesthetic tweaks, CarPlay, and the customary dose of bug fixes, iOS 7.1 is definitely worth picking up, although if you’re a jailbreaker, we would encourage you to hold off for as Evasi0n7 is completely patched in iOS 7.1.

Since the new release is hot off the press, we haven’t had a proper chance to sit down and look at it, but we’ll be following this post up with an in-depth features article in very near future, so stay tuned for that.

The complete change log is as follows:

[center][Image: iOS-Screenshot-20140310-220023-02.png][/center]

On very first impressions, though, iOS 7.1 everything seemed nice and stable, with the kind of fluidity we’ve come to expect from Apple over the past few years.

Below, you can find links to the iOS 7.1 build specific to your particular device, so download it, fire up iTunes, and get updating.

iOS 7.1 Download IPSW Links:

Once again, though, if you wish to preserve a jailbreak, please do hold off this update as there is currently no jailbreak available for this firmware version.

[center][Image: iOS-71-OTA-update.png][/center]

If you do notice any neat new features, or indeed any bugs / issues when using iOS 7.1, be sure to make note of them in the comments section below!

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  Customise The Color of the Keyboard in iOS 7 | ColorY0urBoard Cydia Tweak Review
Posted by: Broly - 03-01-2014 08:50 AM - No Replies

Name: ColorY0urBoard
Price: $1.99
Repo: BigBoss
Developer: MoonWolf

More Inf:

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  IntelliScreenX 7
Posted by: Broly - 03-01-2014 08:47 AM - Replies (1)

IntelliScreenX 7 - All new UI design to integrate into iOS 7. ISX7 gives you at glance access to your Email, Messages, Missed Phone Calls/Voicemails, Twitter, Facebook, RSS Feeds, and more.

ISX7 includes Messages+ for Quick iMessage/SMS compose and replies.

Slide (new) - App switcher which allows live interactive touch by sliding apps on top of lockscreen or other apps.

ISX7 Includes Messages+ and Slide.

For those that have passcodes, you can whitelist apps (such as Google Maps, Weather, etc) that does not contain sensitive information.

For a Free Trial, Jailbreak your iPhone and install via Cydia. Visit for more details.

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